Salesforce is a globally leading CRM (customer relations management) system. As it is a cloud-based solution, users have access to the system anytime and anywhere in the world. The possibilities of the technology are basically limitless.

The trends in IT show that cloud-based solutions for building systems based on editable components are the future of the market. Our services include deployment, support, maintenance and further development of Salesforce products. We have experience in international projects and working in distributed teams. Our Client portfolio includes companies from Poland, Switzerland, the British Isles, the United States, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Romania and Denmark.

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  • Sales Cloud

  • Pardot

  • Marketing Cloud

  • Service Cloud

  • Community Cloud


We run Quality Assurance and Quality Control tests. We identify failures and build our clients’ trust in the quality of the IT solutions we implement. The work of our testers results not only in properly functioning products but also in ergonomic and user-friendly systems. Our services include creation and implementation of both software and documentation quality standards. We execute test scenarios; we run automated and manual tests. We verify our clients’ systems in a comprehensive way.

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  • Quality Assurance

  • Quality Control

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of IT solutions to support decision-making in organisations. The implementation of BI solutions makes it possible, for instance, to increase control over business processes, improve the effectiveness of marketing activities and customer retention, reduce product warehousing and distribution costs as well as streamline the functioning of many other areas of enterprise activity. Amongst our clients there are organisations and companies from various sectors of the economy, such as finance, transport, commerce, education, medicine and healthcare.

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  • Machine Learning

  • Data Integration

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Quality

  • Data Warehouse

  • BI Reporting

  • Big Data

System Development

We design and build custom IT systems. We use our experience to help our clients choose the best solutions. We take responsibility for the whole project – from the beginning till the end. This way our clients have a guarantee that the system will be a consistent and functional solution. The Central Customer Database is one of our original customised systems – a versatile platform for data management.

  • Planning

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Testing

  • Maintenance

Mobile Apps

We create applications for the most popular mobile platforms: Android and iOS. Our mobile technologies are addressed to businesses and consumers. Their task is to allow access to data and information in a transparent form. We have experience with such tools as Xamarin which ensure compatibility with various platforms and inter-platform access from various environments and devices. We also create native applications and those which use the React Native framework. We design intuitive user interfaces. With our apps, your data will be at hand anytime and anywhere.

  • Android

  • iOS

IT Recruitment

We have many years of experience in IT recruitment for Polish and international companies. Our strong HR Department consisting of 20 professional recruiters specialises in finding and hiring software developers, also with the use of direct search. We hold behavioural interviews and prepare relevant recommendations. Efficient and professional selection, based on skilfully established competence profile and the most efficient tools, guarantees hiring top class IT specialists. We successfully take advantage of the potential of universities and responsible talent growth at the company. We work closely with local governments, who support our expansion in local markets. By trusting us to take care of your recruitment process, you gain access to the expert market knowledge, unique know-how which we have been developing for the past years and a broad candidate database.

  • Research

  • Interview

  • Assessment


We offer our customers the opportunity to take advantage of our ready-made solutions, which can be successfully used in current business operations. In companies from the insurance, automotive, financial, telecommunication, forwarding and advertising industries, the implementation of the Central Customer Database system proves successful. It allows for collecting and identifying data from various databases in the organization, in such a way as to ensure their highest quality. It has an intuitive interface which enables exploration and management of customer data. Using the CBK ensures optimization of IT costs, improvement of security processes and access to key information in the company. Another Britenet’s product is Aegris. It is a perfect solution for the healthcare industry. It is an application designed for supporting clinical trials. It enables constant access to patient data, organising visits, managing tasks and generating reports. The app ensures the security of personal information at the stage of its introduction, transmission and storage on the servers under Britenet’s control. Avenir is a tool that will greatly facilitate the process of document generation in many companies. It is a Salesforce application that saves time spent on completing data in the documentation, combining many different files, and allows you to create and use templates.

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  • CBK

  • Aegris

  • Avenir

System support and maintenance

We offer continuous monitoring of services and system processes along with failure detection. Errors and functional failures are reported and handled with the use of modern tools. Various models of cooperation are possible, including 24/7. We develop and expand the existing systems with new functionalities. We fix errors and failures and respond to inquiries. If our client expects so, we also oversee correct functioning of the system on an ongoing basis, we perform administrator tasks and handle any overdue project activities.

  • Support

  • Maintenance


User experience (UX) is all we experience in contact with the system. Thanks to well designed UX, the solutions offered to users are better suited to their needs. User experience design is the way to:

  • optimize the path to purchase
  • gain an advantage over competitors
  • increase sales conversion
  • improve work efficiency in the system
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • optimize product manufacturing costs by working on mock-ups
  • combine business needs with user needs

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  • Usability improvements

  • Design from scratch

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