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Program description:

We have been running our original training programme “Force Academy” addressed to university students and graduates for 10 years now. Those who complete it are ready to work in the Salesforce technology and may pursue professional career in IT. The courses are held in Lublin, Kielce and Białystok.
What can you do to join the “Force Academy” team? The key to success is a combination of soft skills and technical knowledge, that is:

  • knowledge of algorithms and analytical thinking,
  • knowledge of object-oriented programming (in any technology),
  • knowledge of web programming (HTML, JavaScript),
  • SQL knowledge.

English skills at least at B2 level are also important. Why? This will definitely make communication easier. We implement Salesforce solutions mainly in companies outside of Poland. We work for clients from Switzerland, the British Isles, the United States, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Romania and Denmark.

Recruitment stages

If you want to join the programme, send your résumé to [email protected]
, stating “Force Academy” in the message title. What’s next? We contact you after the preliminary verification of your résumé.

We talk to you over the phone

we ask about your experience and preferences connected with working in IT.


We get to know you better

you are invited to our office, asked to complete an initial technical single-select test and to solve tasks checking your algorithmic thinking skills.


We check your skills

after positive completion of the previous stage, you undergo final technical recruitment.

Did you succeed? Hurrah! Welcome to our team.

Remember! Our primary goal is to teach you to think on your own, not just perform tasks. After several months of learning, you will be awarded the first Salesforce certificate and assigned a mentor. Under his or her supervision, you will start working on a commercial project. The end of the course is just the beginning of your journey through the world of IT. Let’s travel together!

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